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    The Christian's Practical Guide to
    'Walking in the Spirit'


This Book contains approximately 74,000 words or 344 pages of text in the paperback version together with 9 illustrations.

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Book Description

God says in the Bible that if Christians are not “walking in the Spirit”, they are “walking in the flesh” (Rom 8:1 – KJV).

He also says that Christians who are “walking in the flesh” are considered to be an enemy of His (Rom 8:5-8 – KJV).

Author Alan Manson explains in his book Walking in the Spirit how the spirit world around us functions and then how the spiritual “organs” we each possess interact together, and from this how the our body’s functions in the physical and in the spiritual realms. With this knowledge appreciated, he then explains how Christians should “walk in the spirit” to please God.

Throughout the book, scripture verses are regularly quoted to support the claims being made, so that a Bible scholar as well as a novice can truly grasp the practical meaning of Christian spirituality.

Walking in the Spirit is essential reading for any Christian seeking to better understand the Bible; their own spirituality, and from that point onwards – to develop a closer relationship with God.

To emphasize this point, Jesus said:

"It is THE SPIRIT that quickeneth [or gives ‘life’]; the flesh profiteth nothing: THE WORDS that I speak unto you, THEY ARE SPIRIT, And THEY ARE [eternal] LIFE." (John 6:63 – KJV)