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NEW ARTICLE! - 17th January 2011

Good Friday or Good Wednesday?

This article explores the 72 hours Jesus stated He would be dead in the tomb before His resurrection, as stated in Matt 12:39-40.

It also provides a chart that associates the light and dark periods of a typical 24 hour day with the Jewish day and the 'normal' day that commances at midnight - to demonstrate that a Wednesday crucifixion is the day Jesus Christ was crucified.

The document contains approx. 2,600 words.

Three Days Buried_thumbnail link



Can we really trust 'religion'?

This article contains the experiences of another Christian who has not only analyzed Calvinism in great depth, but reveals what he has discussed with many of its supporters in a balanced, interesting and very well written article.

I can only urge Christians to have an open mind when reading his comments, as his words may have a significant affect on the eternal destination of their soul.

The document contains approx. 4,300 words.



What is God's Grace?

This article discusses:

  • Why does God offer grace to us?
  • How God's grace applies to us?
  • Can Christians abuse God's grace and lose it?

The document contains approx. 3,000 words.




What is Salvation?

This article discusses:

  • What is Salvation?
  • An everyday illustration of Salvation.
  • Keeping your Salvation.

The document contains approx. 1,100 words.





What is Sin?

This article discusses:

  • How does the Bible define Sin?
  • How does Sin affect a person's Soul?
  • How does a person get rid of Sin?

The document contains approx. 2,300 words.





Why does God require Blood?

This article discusses:

  • What is the spiritual significance of blood?
  • How does blood 'atone' for sin?
  • Is any other substitutionary sacrifice acceptable?

The document contains approx. 1,600 words.




What is the role of the Holy Spirit?

This article discusses:

  • Is there a Holy Spirit?
  • Is there a Biblical illustration that refers to His role?
  • Is it right to pray to the Holy Spirit?

The document contains approx. 2,800 words.

Holy Spirit



Recommended Links

Frank Dimora's website is about the best website I know for current, broad-ranging information about end-times events related to Bible prophecy with analysis.

This website uses many scripture verses to prove that EVERY Christian's salvation is very insecure. It addresses the need to eradicate personal sin, attain holiness, etc., which are some of the many essential 'spiritual' requirements to be met if eternal life with Jesus is to become a reality.

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An article titled "The Unseen or 'Spirit' World Around Us - Is It Real?", has been accepted and published on 


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