This website has been established for Bible-believing Christians to consider issues regarding Bible prophecy being fulfilled today, together with the spiritual side of the Christian life (John 6:63). 

In this, the website contains two sets of articles:

1.  The Revelation 12:1-2 Event that occurs on 23rd September 2017

2.  'Walking in the Spirit' is an essential requirement for Salvation!


1.  The Revelation 12 Event on 23rd September 2017

With the world in the state it is in with widespread corruption being evident throughout most governments of the world (Gen 6:11) together with the rapidly declining level of sexual and ethical immorality everywhere (Gen 13:13) and this corruption being aided and abetted by the “falling away of the Christian churches” (2 Thes 2:3); that the heavenly sign occuring in September will be God’s announcement to the inhabitants of this world that “Enough is enough!  Let the Tribulation begin” — by His opening of the First Seal Judgment as stated in Rev 6:1-2.

The videos below and the group of articles on the menu tabs above look at events leading up to and following on from this date, which I believe will herald in the 7-year Tribulation period spoken of by the prophet Daniel (Dan 9:27).


Click on the image below to view a 18-minute presentation of information relating to the constellations of Virgo and Leo as they will appear on 23rd September 2017.


The unique features of this event are:

  • Jupiter entered Virgo's body on the 10th Nov 2016
  • Jupiter moves in retrograde motion throughout Virgo's body during the 42-week (gestational) period
  • Jupiter will exit Virgo's womb on the 23rd September 2017.

In other words, the events depicted above represent MORE than just "a sign in the heavens" (Jer 10:2). These events symbolize:
  • An 'immaculate conception' involving a virgin
  • A gestational period of 42-weeks for a child to grow in Virgo's womb
  • The birth of the child (Rev 12:5).

To appreciate what the message is that this event symbolizes, I encourage you to view the following 14-minute video to understand what world events are likely to happen in the near future from a Biblical perspective. 

After viewing the video, please examine the various articles under the menu items "Event - 23 Sept 2017" for more detailed analysis of the points made in the video.


Click here to read more.

Total Solar Eclipse Across the USA - 21 August 2017:

Christians need to be aware of the Biblical and historical issues associated with the total solar eclipse that will occur ocross the United States of America very soon.



I encourge everyone to view the 25-minute video (below) from Pastor Mark Biltz, who explains the events when similar eclipses to this occurred - both in ancient history (Assyria) and recent history (World War 1), but also what the significance of this eclipse means from a Biblical perspective, and how this event also relates to the 23rd September celestial event.

To read a summary of the key points I extracted from Mark's message, click here.

Please click on the image below to view the video


2.  'Walking in the Spirit' is an essential requirement for Salvation!

To do this, Christians must become 'spiritually minded'!

God says in the Bible that if Christians are not “walking in the Spirit”, they are “walking in the flesh” (Rom 8:1 – KJV).

He also says that Christians who are “walking in the flesh” are considered to be an enemy of His (Rom 8:5-8 – KJV).

This website contains extracts from the book titled ‘The Christian’s Practical Guide to Walking in the Spirit’ that explain how the spirit world around us functions and how the spiritual “organs” we each possess interact together; and from this how our body functions in both the physical and in the spiritual realms. Once this knowledge is appreciated, Christians should then be able to “walk in the spirit” to please God.

To help explain this, scripture verses are regularly quoted to support the claims being made, so that a Bible scholar as well as a novice can truly grasp the practical meaning of Christian spirituality.

Walking in the Spirit is essential for any Christian seeking to better understand the Bible; their own spirituality, and from that point onwards – to develop a closer relationship with God.

To emphasize this point, Jesus said:

"It is THE SPIRIT that quickeneth [or gives ‘life’]; the flesh profiteth nothing: THE WORDS that I speak unto you, THEY ARE SPIRIT, And THEY ARE [eternal] LIFE." (John 6:63 – KJV)

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