This website has been established for Bible-believing Christians to consider issues regarding Bible prophecy being fulfilled today, together with the spiritual side of the Christian life (John 6:63). 

In this, the website contains two sets of articles:

1.  The Post-Revelation 12 Event of the 23rd September 2017

2.  'Walking in the Spirit' is an essential requirement for Salvation!


1.  The Post-Revelation 12 Event of the 23rd September 2017

In the period leading up to this date, many Christians were posting videos and claiming that certain Biblical and other celestial events might happen on that date.  

Many were as so bold to claim that the Rapture might occur when the Great Sign appeared (which rejects the words of Jesus recorded in Matt 24:33-36); however, using the illustration below, I predicted that World War III together with the Psalm 83 War would be raging on that date and that Antichrist would appear on the world’s stage to put an end to all conflicts so as to fulfil the words in Rev 6:1-2.

Time has proven this claim to be false.


Since then, time has further revealed that no significant event associated with this Great Sign; however as God the Father created and then prophesied in the Bible that this event would happen, I have made a post-Rev 12 video that explains from God’s perspective what I believe He obtained from it.

Therefore, I encourage you to view the 16-minute YouTube video to determine for yourself whether the claims I make in it are true or not.

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You can read a few comments about this at this page.

2.  'Walking in the Spirit' is an essential requirement for Salvation!

To do this, Christians must become 'spiritually minded'!

God says in the Bible that if Christians are not “walking in the Spirit”, they are “walking in the flesh” (Rom 8:1 – KJV).

He also says that Christians who are “walking in the flesh” are considered to be an enemy of His (Rom 8:5-8 – KJV).

This website contains extracts from the book titled ‘The Christian’s Practical Guide to Walking in the Spirit’ that explain how the spirit world around us functions and how the spiritual “organs” we each possess interact together; and from this how our body functions in both the physical and in the spiritual realms. Once this knowledge is appreciated, Christians should then be able to “walk in the spirit” to please God.

To help explain this, scripture verses are regularly quoted to support the claims being made, so that a Bible scholar as well as a novice can truly grasp the practical meaning of Christian spirituality.

Walking in the Spirit is essential for any Christian seeking to better understand the Bible; their own spirituality, and from that point onwards – to develop a closer relationship with God.

To emphasize this point, Jesus said:

"It is THE SPIRIT that quickeneth [or gives ‘life’]; the flesh profiteth nothing: THE WORDS that I speak unto you, THEY ARE SPIRIT, And THEY ARE [eternal] LIFE." (John 6:63 – KJV)

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